July 29th, 30th & 31st


Achieving Your Goals Starts July 29th

This 2 ½-day event (July 29th-31st) will be held in front of a live audience in Los Angeles, California. But… you won’t have to attend the seminar physically to reap every single benefit.

You won’t have to pack your bags… buy a plane ticket… or sleep in a strange bed to enjoy every minute of the summit.

We will bring the entire seminar to you (and your friends and family if you’d like for them to join you)—in your home, office, car or wherever you happen to be.

AND you’ll be able to watch it over and over again for 14 days after the event is over.

The Real Secret Behind
Extra Ordinary Accomplishments

The Goal Achiever Summit will be like nothing you’ve ever seen—it will be instructional, fast paced and, most of all, effective.

You see, Bob Proctor has studied goals like a scientist – spending the last 50 years in his own mental laboratory exploring the secrets behind real, true success.

This summit will take you to places most people have never been … you will be introduced to ideas and concepts that only a fraction of the population understands, including:

  • The real difference between goal setting and achieving.
  • The Lawful Process behind goal-achieving – when you’re working with the laws, ANYTHING is possible.
  • The true value of your higher creative faculties – what they are and how to use them throughout the entire goal setting and achieving process.

Experience the joy of setting and achieving goals with the
Proctor Gallagher systematic, no-fail approach

Here’s the thing, many people are not only setting the wrong goals – but they are going about achieving them, if at all, completely wrong.

Bob has been mastering the goal-achieving process for more than 5 decades. The great news for you is that you can gain his 50 years of trial and error expertise in one weekend.

Bob will zero in on a specific process that will free you to achieve the goals and create the life you really want.

So when the summit is over, you’ll know exactly how to realize whatever your heart desires.

Once you learn Bob’s “no-fail” goal-achieving process, you will know that you can achieve ANY goal you set. And you expose yourself to a brand new world of power, possibility and promise.









It all starts with...

Choosing the Right Goal

You’ll find that once you set the ‘right’ goal, you’ll feel immediately energized.

So many times we're guilty of being really ‘busy’ and not actually achieving anything.

an you relate?

Of course you can, we’ve all done this at times.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the carousel of getting things done without achieving anything – and when you’re on the carousel, it never stops spinning … there’s always more to do.

This is an important realization to make...

Crossing items off a to-do list is great, but this false sense of achievement will never be fulfilling.

So let’s get a few things out of the way...

A to-do list is not a goal.

A wish list is not a goal.

A dream you’re not acting on, is not a goal.

At the Goal Achiever Summit, you’ll go through a series of exercises that will stretch your mind to a new level of awareness and achievement.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

You’ll understand what you are capable of and that, in and of itself, will change your life forever. You’ll think bigger, dream bigger and accomplish far more than you ever imagined was possible.

note-right-arrow note-left-arrow

Here are three excellent examples of accomplishment that the rest of the world believed were impossible …

Goal Achiever
You Do NOT Have to Know HOW to Reach the Goal You Just Have To Know You Will

  • Ed Hillary did not know how to get to the top of mount Everest.
  • The Wright brothers did not know how to get a plane in the air.
  • Steve Jobs did not know how to create the iPhone.


They all KNEW they would … they had the unwavering belief.

So how did it happen?

These 3 individuals worked in harmony with the laws to achieve their goals. They did not know how to get there until after they arrived and looked back.

There are laws that govern the creation of everything – and you will learn these laws at the Goal Achiever Summit.

You won't just learn about the theories of these laws. You’ll learn how to apply these laws to achieve your goal.

You see, there is a systematic approach to setting the right goals and a lawful process to achieving them.

And when you’ve followed our goal-achieving process, you’ll find a whole world of possibility is, and always has been, right at your fingertips.

The results of goal achieving, or a lack thereof, show up everywhere in your life – in your bank account balance, on the scale, lurking in your relationships and nagging at your personal fulfillment.



  • Multiply your income ...
  • Live a truly fulfilled life ...
  • Take the trips you want to take ...
  • Nurture and attract the relationships you’re longing for ...
  • Achieve your ideal weight or fitness level ...

Or do ANYTHING else you want?

Goal Achieving is quite possibly the most valuable process to know if you want to live a full and successful life.

Having studied his material intensely for the past 25 years, I can state that Bob Proctor has become part of my cellular DNA. In 1999 his teachings were instrumental in doubling my income and finally helping me to reach the goal I had pursued relentlessly for eight solid years, *all in a mere three months*! In 2008 his teachings enabled me to recover from a disabling and life-threatening health situation. Now ‘we’ are working on finding my ideal life partner!

- Cindy Sheppard

Throughout the years Bob has taught me how to conquer my goals, most of which have been professional wants and I've achieved them and moved on to the next goal. On a completely different level, Bob has taught me that the body is an instrument of the mind. When I was pregnant, I truly believed that I would have a quick and painless, 30 minute birth- from start of labor until the end. I repeated that to myself every day and when I told people they laughed at how unrealistic they thought I was. Not only was the birth of my first child a breeze fully natural, but it was 24 minutes long. This was no coincidence! With Bob's teachings and meditation I manifested this situation with my mind and I was very specific.

- Tanya Sprovieri

I first came across Bob Proctor through a live stream event that Eric Worre put on in the fall of 2015 for network marketing. This older gentleman came on and started to talk to the audience and this is the first time I had ever heard the word paradigm. The way he explained with so much passion about this paradigm and how it holds you back for accomplishing great things in your life was mind blowing. I had access to the live stream for a few days after the actual event and watch Bob over and over. At the end of December I signed up to Bobs coaching program and it was here that I first learned that we all have a purpose to be here. That we need to create our big goal and our vision. This lead me to the You were Born Rich program and really hit home for me. I could not get enough of this and now I am finding I am taking action steps towards such I huge goal that I didn't even know I wanted. My life has taken a complete 360 and now I am no longer wondering what to do with my days or what my future holds for me. Now I am in the Thinking into Results program to become a Certified Consultant as I am so excited to be able to share with others how to really live! I have met so many new and great people over these last few months, the vision of my future is magnificent the possibilities are endless. No matter what you want if you take the time and do what Bob tells you to do you will have it!!

- Charlene Readman

This Is NOT A Motivational Speaking Event.

This IS A Teaching Summit Where You Will Learn How to Achieve the Goals You Set In Order to Live a More Successful and Fulfilling Life.

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll see that you aren’t going after what you REALLY want – you’re going after what you think you can get. Use a systematic approach to get a clear picture of exactly what you want – and how to get it…

Here’s what Bob and Sandy will cover over the course of this 2 and half day seminar:

Reprogram Your Mind

You are programmed – you have paradigms controlling your thoughts, behavior and results. Investigate and eradicate the life-long conditioning that holds you back from achieving your goals.

recognize & prioritize

What do you want? How can you set a goal without focusing on the ‘how’? These are all great questions … recognizing the goals you really want (and don't want), then prioritizing them and your actions is vital to your success.

the laws of goal achieving

Goal achieving is a lawful process – learn how to apply each of the Laws of the Universe for consistent, unheralded success. When working with the laws, you take the hoping and wishing out of the process.

Action > Reaction > Results

Here’s how the Law of Attraction really works … Discover how every thought, feeling and action works together to create your present results – and how to change them to create the results you really want.

Achieving Attitude

Develop and utilize the attitude and energy that attracts the support and assistance you need to achieve your goals. This alone, changes everything.

Breaking through the terror barrier

If you’ve ever been paralyzed by fear or trembling to take a risk, you’re going to love this segment. Bob’s going to explain why you feel that way, why it’s a good sign and how to move past it in the most effective way.


Understand - for the first time ever - the timeline behind goals. This segment will include why you’re setting the goals you’re currently setting, what’s been holding you back and exactly what you need to do to ACHIEVE any goal you set.

goal achieving

Most importantly - Learn the seven secrets behind every great Goal Achiever. With Bob Proctor walking you through each and every concept, you will know exactly what to do to transform your life into anything you choose.

Got other plans July 29th-31st?

No problem!
You’ll have access to the replay
of the event for 14 full days!

We know you’re busy.

So don’t worry if you can’t watch all—or any—of the summit live. We’ve got you covered.

We’ll send you a link to the replay of the entire event within 48 hours after the summit ends. You’ll be able to watch it as many times as you’d like—at your convenience for 14 days.

If you have more questions about the LIVE Stream, scroll down to the bottom of the page for answers to our most frequently questions.

bob proctor

A speaker, author, consultant, coach and mentor Bob Proctor was already a legendary figure in the world of personal development long before his appearance in the hit film The Secret. For more than forty years, Proctor has been one of the biggest names in prosperity and personal development, delivering talks throughout the world to help people achieve success and prosperity. Through his work with the Proctor Gallagher Institute he has transformed countless lives with his teachings on paradigms.

His work conveys the most valuable kind of information -- how to get out of your own way so you can have a happy, healthy and massively wealthy life. He has done phenomenal work around the world, helping millions of people and countless organizations reach their biggest goals.

Bob is the last living teacher with a direct link to the great lineage of Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale. There is no one on the planet like this man and his life-transforming teachings.

And he doesn’t just teach it, he lives it!

Bob is in his early eighties and has more energy and enthusiasm than anyone in the world. He acts like he’s just getting started as his life’s mission continues to be what it has been for the past fifty-plus years --- to help as many people as possible master the art of living with no limitations.

sandy gallagher

“What do I want to do with my life?” Not long ago, anyone looking at Sandra Gallagher would have thought she had that question definitively answered. As an esteemed attorney with a successful career in banking law, Sandra regularly handled billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, and other big-ticket transactions, and was an advisor to boards and top executives of Fortune 500 firms. She epitomized success in the classic corporate mold.

Yet an encounter with Bob Proctor set Sandra on an extraordinary new path — one that would ultimately change not only her life, but countless others. Through Bob’s teachings, Sandra finally understood the “why” behind her lifelong success. Without realizing it, she had spent her life practicing the very principles Bob espoused, and exemplifying their power. She knew then that her next mission in life was to teach others how to do what she had done. And she became determined to join forces with Bob in order to fulfill that mission.

After their first collaboration, Thinking Into Results — Sandra’s brainchild, which is widely acknowledged as the most powerful corporate transformational program of its kind — she quickly became CEO and President of Bob’s organization. Today, as the co-founder, CEO, and President of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Sandra shares international speaking stages with Bob and works closely with him and their team of professionals to provide coaching, training, and consulting on the most profound, powerful, and transformative concepts and strategies humankind has ever known.


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